Shoreline Energy Body Scale


– Weight & Body Composition Measurements
– Bio Impedance Analysis Technology for Accurate Tracking
– Multiple Users Allowed- Includes Measuring Tape & Fat Calliper


✅ MORE DATA FOR SMARTER DECISIONS – Aside from your weight, our scale provides you with additional information regarding your health. These include BMI, fat percentage, lean muscle mass and more!
✅ ACCURATE BODY DATA ANALYSIS – Our scale provides you with on target information using high quality sensors and Bio Impedance Analysis technology. Set better goals for yourself using these details!
✅ TRACK YOUR PROGRESS CONVENIENTLY – Our scale can be synchronized with Google Fit, Apple Health, and other fitness applications. Monitor your improvements without using notepads or spreadsheets!
✅ GREAT FOR MULTIPLE USERS – With the right settings, our scale can be used by different people to track their body compositions separately. So go ahead and get your family involved in fitness!
✅ GET WEIGHT LOSS DOWN TO A SCIENCE – Improve the precision of your measurements. Our scale comes with a measuring tape and fat callipers. We’re including these devices at no extra cost to you.

Need more data regarding your body composition other than your weight?

Your weight is a good indication of your physical health. However, if you want to get a bigger picture of your overall fitness, you’re going to need additional data.

Worried about your blood pressure? Then you’ll want to know how much visceral fat you have. Trying to build some muscles? Then keeping track of your lean muscle mass is a must. There are loads of other information you need depending on your goals. Question is, how do you get all these details?

Monitor more than just your weight with our Shoreline Energy Body Scale!

Our scale doesn’t just show you how heavy you are. Equipped with high quality sensors and using Bio Impedance Analysis technology, our scale gives your Body Mass Index, body fat, muscle mass, and other pertinent information regarding your body composition. These data are sent to your smartphone or computer for easier tracking. Appropriately adjust your fitness program or diet based on your readings.

Using our scale is a convenient way of staying on top of your fitness goals. You don’t need to use different tools and applications to gather the necessary data regarding your body composition. Just step onto the weighing scale and wait for it to work its magic.

Being able to track your progress easily and conveniently has its own benefits. Seeing positive results can help motivate you to continue pursuing your goals. In turn, that motivation helps you stay consistent and focused.

Still not convinced? Here are more features of our weight and body scale to help you decide:

✅ Clear LCD Display
✅ Tempered glass surface
✅ Available in black, white, and pink
✅ Measuring tape and fat callipers included as a bonus

Get accurate data regarding your body composition. Add the Shoreline Energy Body Scale to your basket TODAY!


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