Abdominal Trainer – Core & Abs Trainer Ab Stimulator

* The abdominal trainer is a true all-rounder device. It combines a back trainer, a side abdominal trainer, and a sit-up bench in one single product.
* The Core & Abs trainer gives you varied options for the specific and comprehensive development of the abdominal, back, and buttock muscles.


Engineered for involving more muscle areas.

  • Four main exercises for different abdominal muscles.
  • There are three strength grids to choose from for your legs and arms.
  • Adjustable length, thus choose a suitable length for weaker or stronger users.
  • Adjustable head massage part, soft back massage part, comfortable fit, training rope.
  • Features of the Abdominal Trainer

    Versatile and Flexible Fitness Device

    The versatile and flexible abdominal trainer can be used as an abdominal trainer, a back trainer as well as a sit-up bench – a device that replaces several training devices. The max. weight capacity is up to 220 LBS. The built-in wheels on the rower allow you to easily train your biceps, triceps or deltoids, without causing any jamming difficulties. Its adjustable resistance can meet the needs of most people, regardless of your age or fitness level. The abdominal trainer is perfect to help you burn calories and train muscles!

    Multi-Functional & Convenience
    Cushioned seat, Adjustable backrest, Adjustable length, Wide cushioned seat

    Meeting multiple training needs, suitable for beginners and advanced users. 6-in-1 fitness device allows you to perform crunches, biceps curls, leg stretches, side lifting, push-ups, stretching exercises.

    Assembly: Self-assembly
    Color: Orange/Black
    Product dimensions: 98 x 90 x 30 cm.
    Max weight capacity: 220 LBS.
    Fit user height: 4″ – 6.4″.
    Suggested number of people for assembly: 1-2 people are recommended.

    Ajustable Backrest
    The backrest can be adjusted to 3 different positions for the different training levels. It is ideal for training the upper, lower, and middle abdominal muscles. The neck and back can be supported during exercise Multiple Exercise Modes
    This Abdominal Trainer is designed to work your whole body. It is ideal for exercising different parts of the body, burning calories, and building up a good body shape at home or office.

    Foam-covered Handgrip & Wide Cushioned Seat
    A foam-covered handgrip is designed to provide comfort workout experience. And the cushioned seat also gives users a comfortable rowing experience. Don’t let discomfort get in the way of reaching your goals!

    Power-Assisted Spring Mechanism
    Designed with a powerful & flexible spring to assist you in both directions. It is perfect for training your upper, middle, lower abdomen, and oblique abdomen. Exercise efficiency can be improved in less time.


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