Are you keeping your muscles strong and healthy for life and living?


We are constantly bombarded about the latest way to lose weight or fat but you don’t hear so much about building or maintaining precious muscle tissue.

Yet you think it would be more talked about as one of the greatest long-term threats to our ability to remain healthy and function independently as we accumulate more candles on our birthday cakes is the steady loss of lean muscle mass. This loss is sneaky in that you cannot see it happening easily. Even if the bathroom scales stay the same this muscle tissue loss can be hidden by an increase in body fat which fills the space left by the departing muscle so your weight may not change.

You may not notice it.

But you will….

After all, it has been happening slowly as you go about your daily tasks and activities. As much as one half a pound a year up to age 50 – then that loss doubles.

Which can mean as you get older you may no longer be able to run, dance for hours, carry heavy things, or climb flights of stairs. Just doing the normal activities of daily life become more difficult with things like
carrying groceries. Eventually just getting out of a chair could be a struggle and when you can no longer
manage to dress and feed yourself guess where you end up?

In a nursing home with someone else having to do these things for you.

Aerobic exercise (walking, jogging, cycling and such) has long been the darling of the wellness folks.

For years, these people wouldn’t consider proper strengthening exercise. They somehow thought they would morph into a muscle bound freak if they so much as touched a dumbbell.

As if…

They also didn’t think that muscle mass and strength had much to do with health.

But now we know it has EVERYTHING to do with the state of our health and wellness.

Recent studies have proven the risk of death is highest in the weakest people and lowest in the strongest.

It makes sense too, don’t you think? If the tissue that makes up 50 percent of your body weight is strong and in robust health the rest of the bodies systems are in the same state of health.

Thus, rather than worrying about fat and weight or body mass index, we should be trying to maximize and maintain a healthy muscular system.

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Muscles are important to your body, health and well-being

To Your Health and Fitness Always,

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